Scaffolding Extras

Scaffold Tube
We have a wide range and large stock of steel scaffolding tube. All of our
Steel Scaffolding tube can be cut to your specified size. If you require a
specific size just contact us.
Scaffold Fittings
We carry both Pressed Scaffolding Fittings and Forged Scaffolding Fittings
and and are tested to ensure quality
Scaffold Boards
New and Refurbished Scaffold Boards, strong, structural timber, ready
for use for building scaffolding and structural work
Monaflex Sheeting
This weatherproof sheeting orks in the toughest climates. 100%
waterproof. It protects against dust & debris on site and is easy to install
with any form of scaffold. UV stable.
Debris Netting
Are you looking for Duty Debris Netting, then look no further. We can
provide 3 Meter and 2 Meter Rolls x 50 Meters. Rolls are available in
blue and green

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